Continued from part 3

Chloe finally makes it to the clock and nothing tried to eat her. She can see some figures up ahead and starts sniffing the air. Could it be? Could it really be? MY MOM came to find me???? Chloe starts yelling at the top of her lungs, “MOM” “MOM” MOM”, “HELLO, IT’S ME CHLOE”. Right about now, there is much excitement at the clock but ‘mom’ is a little leery, when Chloe left she couldn’t talk and now she’s sooooo big. Is this really her little Chloe?? Such confusion, mom decides to approach with caution.

Mom: Chloe is that really you? I brought your favorite treats.

Chloe: Of course it’s me mom, don’t you recognize me? I have only been gone for a few hours.

Mom: But Chloe, you are only weighed 6 lbs when you left the house, what on earth happened?

Chloe: LOL Mom, I still only weight 6 lbs, but so you do. You guys must have shrunk when you came through the clock. And by the way, this is no longer Earth. Some how we came through a portal and landed on a rogue planet called Chlocha, where time has stopped. Relax, it’s really me. Where are those treats already???

Mom approaches Chloe with the treats.

Mom cautiously hands Chloe a treat (she hopes it’s Chloe)

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