After a short hiatus, Chloe is back in the studio and loving every minute of it, except when the hat came out. That’s a story for another time (she hates hats and bows). Today Chloe is sporting an informal stripped tie she chose herself.

How do I get her to pose? It’s very simple, treats! Seriously though, it took about a year to train her to the studio. In the studio there is a tiny piece of masking tape on the floor, that is her mark. I point to that and tell her to get in her spot. She does. She may not be facing the right way, but she only weighs 6 lbs, so she is easy to spin around.

Chloe responds to many commands, including, sit, stay, sit up, up up up means stand, down and dance. She can dance on all 4’s or just on 2 hind legs. Sometimes I ask her to do something she isn’t familiar with, and it may take a while for her to get it but she keeps on trying. She is never forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do and when she is done, we are done.

She gets her treats during the session, with each command and payment after the session is over. I always compliment her and tell her how good she is doing throughout the session, but the commands are stern. It’s never hard work and each session only lasts about 15 mins.

At this point, all she has to do is see my camera and she runs off to the studio and gets near her spot, then waits for me. She really does love it and it shows.



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