Continued from Part 4

Chloe did not bite the hand that was feeding it and when she was done with her treat, she licked her mom, a really big lick. She forgot how small her mom was and almost swallowed her but spit her out just in time. Mom was grateful for that and at this point, was convinced this was her little Chloe.

Mom was so happy to find her sweet little doggie but she was also a little sad, because she was so small now. Chloe likes to play rough sometimes, how she is going to convince Chloe to slow down a little bit because things are a so different now. We all have to get out of here alive.

But if Chloe can talk now, can she rationalize around the fact she is more like a horse to us now than mom’s sweet, tiny little baby? Only time will tell.

In our search party there were 2 others besides Chloe’s mom, Lexi and Nate were nice enough to help out. They know Chloe well and love her dearly. The 3 got together and had a little meeting on how to handle giant Chloe. We all decided it would be best to leash Chloe. Hind sight dictates that might not have been the best idea we’ve had.

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