Our Mission

Our mission is Pet Photography, not only covering the Owego/Binghamton area but also, Ithaca, Elmira and Bradford County in Pennsylvania. We are centrally located in Owego, NY. If you are looking for a lasting memory of your pet, you came to the right place. All Pets are welcome in our Studio, except for Elephants, Giraffes, Horses, etc., they just wouldn’t fit.  Contact us NOW!


Why do I want a Pet Photographer?

  • You love your pet and want to celebrate your bond with them. We will capture the unique expressions, gestures, and emotions that make your pet so special to you.
  • You will be able to display the photos in your home, share them with your friends and family on social media, or use them as gifts for other family members and pet lovers in your life.
  • What should I bring?

This will depend on the type of animal you are bringing. If your pet wears clothing, bring something cute or funny. All pets love treats, bring their favorite. Bring their regular food if you feel it necessary. Any animal that uses a leash, please bring one.

  • Can the human get in the pic?

We would love if the human wanted to into a shot or two with their beloved pet. So, dress accordingly, just in case. This will also help your pet to relax and feel more comfortable in our studio. Kids are more than welcome too.

  • Will my animal get stressed?

Any animal may get stressed in a strange situation, especially, with flashing lights. If your animal does not tolerate flashing lights well, please let us know before the session, we would be happy to use a continuous lighting set up. We also give your pet plenty of time to relax.

Dance the Night Away

Let your pets “Dance the night away”. Allow them to let loose and revel in the magic of music and movement, with the joy of dance in their hearts and the freedom to lose themselve’s in the groove.

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