Continued from Part 2

Somewhere, not too far from the clock is, guess who? Yep, Chloe. She felt the earth shake and the crazy noises she heard when she passed through the clock herself. Chloe was a bit confused and almost seemed lost, and maybe, even a little scared, when she heard…..“pst, pst, pst, hey, dog, over here, up the tree”. Chloe was startled for a few seconds, she didn’t know if she should run or chase ‘it’, whatever it is.

“Hey dog, you seem lost, maybe I can help you. I am the great Willykinz, I rule this land, (as Willykinz clears his throat). You are new here, I see”. Again, Chloe doesn’t know whether to run away or chase ‘Willykinz’, instead she froze in place, staring at this glowing creature in the tree.

After staring for a few seconds, Chloe decides to get brave and talk back to this creature. “um errr, yes, I am new, I landed here yesterday, was it yesterday? Maybe it was a few hours ago, I don’t know but one thing I know I have no clue HOW I got here.. A few seconds ago I felt the ground tremble and heard some eerie noises, same things I felt and heard when I landed here, any clue what I should do? Should I run? Should I hide? Should I check it out?”

Willykinz pretty much knows everything that goes on in this place and said to Chloe, “No, don’t run, head back the way you came, slowly, you know, back to the clock. Something tells me someone is looking for you. But don’t talk to anyone, some of us here are not so nice. Now hurry, run along and keep the same path you took, I will be watching out for you”.

So Chloe turns around and heads back to the clock, sniffing the air and the ground as she goes.She is a little nervous, what if it’s not someone looking for her? What if it’s something that wants to eat her? Then what?

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