Continued from Part 1

Where did she go??? How did that happen anyway??? Chloe has now been gone for several hours and her owner was super upset and couldn’t stop pacing the floor and crying. Chloe’s mom decided to get together a small search party and set out to find her.

The search party got together for a meeting, so they can figure out where to begin looking, they had to think like a dog. Sniff, sniff, follow a trail.

They headed off into the nearby woods, where else could Chloe have gone? They assented deeper and deeper, winding up in the thickest part of the woods, where they found tangled, twisted tree limbs, some of which were lying on the ground, some were just hanging low. They discovered a tiny piece of torn fabric from the cape Chloe was wearing earlier that day, stuck to a piece of branch. They knew they were on the right trail.

Finally, some mud and paw prints. OMG could it be Chloe?? With their noses to the ground, the followed the paw prints, seemed like they walked for hours but it was only a few minutes, but then a huge clock grabbed their attention.

This find distracted them for a few seconds while they admired the clock and wondered how it wound up so deeply in the woods. They touched the clock a few times before, poof, they all disappeared………

The search team was thrown into a strange land as they came through the clock. The ground was shaking and  trembling, like an earthquake. They couldn’t stay on their feet. Trees were swaying and they heard some weird howling noise, but yet, no wind to speak of. Eventually, it all stopped to a very eerie stillness and oh so quiet. No leaves rustling, no crickets, nothing. At this point the only thing they knew, they were lost, but where did the clock spit them out? Was this even earth?

Reality started to set in, was Chloe here too? If she was how will they find her when they don’t even know where they are? Where should they even start? They started to search for puppy paws, near the clock, of course. But there was no mud and no signs of paw prints. If Chloe is here, she had to came the same way as they did didn’t she?

Right about then, they all heard the same thing, a loud howling noise, followed by an earth shattering purr like sound. What is going on, they thought? Will they find Chloe and their way back home, ever again? Fear was starting to set in, big fear.

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