Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago. there was a very beautiful young pup born, from forbidden love. She came from a very strong stock for her breed. Her father was a Yorkshire Terrier with royal blood and her mother was a gorgeous Maltese bred by a wealthy family in the hills.

Their love was forbidden at the time, although it would be well received in this day and age. They were forced to hide their forbidden love from everyone.

But, with such a strong love, it was bound to happen. Born to them was one puppy, just one. She was the most beautiful puppy anyone had ever seen before. They named her Chloe and hid her in the tower of their family’s castle. Chloe would never be accepted by anyone.

She did become a very lonely puppy and you could hear her howling through-out the night. She had become a true Damsel in Distress. There was a Knight on a white horse that rescued her in the night’s darkness and rushed her over to Alexa Studios, in Owego, NY., where she resides as a muse. So, there is a happy ending for all to enjoy.



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