Gwen called me one day to set up an appointment for her cat during one of our specials. She brought in her beautiful cat Monique for some pictures. Monique was an older cat and not interested in having her picture taken at all, but I was able to capture some great shots while she was not paying attention 😉

Monique was quite photogenic so it was a lot easier than we first thought it would be. It was very sad to hear beautiful Monique had passed on but it felt good to know Gwen would use one of the images for her long thought out tattoo.

This is a testimonial from Gwen C.

Kathy, at Owego Pet Photography has given me a gift that I will hold dear forever. Kathy was running a special on pet portraits, and I set a time to bring my beloved cat Monique up to get some pictures done. At the time it was just a fun thing to do because I loved my cat and I like to model myself. Monique was 13/14 years old when she had her portraits done and I decided not too long after that I wanted to get her portrait tattooed on me so she would be with me forever, dreading the day I knew would come eventually.

In June of 2018 I used my favorite picture that Kathy took to have Monique permanently on my body, even my tattoo artist said something along the lines of “I wish everyone had this great of a detailed picture for portraits!”. The tattoo turned out amazing and I am forever grateful for the wonderful pictures Kathy took of my Monique, so in turn my tattoo could look exactly like her.

Monique crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2018 and I miss her dearly, but I will always have her with me and she will always look fantastic, thanks to the pictures Kathy took of her. I highly recommend people get portraits of their pets done while they have them, you never know when the last day will come. As much as I would like them to, they don’t live forever. However, photos are a great way to have a loved one live on forever.

Kathy has experience with tons of different animals and has a great personality, she’ll make you and your pet feel comfortable and have a few laughs along the way. A professionally done detailed professional portrait is irreplaceable!

Meet Monique!



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