Anyone that knows me, knows I love the Yorkie breed, they also know my great grand-dog is a Morkie, a Yorkie mixed with Maltese. They are the sweetest breed if you love tiny dogs.

Smidgen’s mom and dad brought her in for her first photo shoot and she did a great job. She was a bit confused at first but I let her get used to the new surroundings and threw a ball for awhile, it loosened her right up. By the end of the shoot, she was a pro! As long as the treats flowed, she was putty in our hands. (I always make sure not to over treat).

When her mom, Pat, booked the shoot, she was hoping to get some shots with books. Not a problem, since I have a stack of older books hanging around. When the shoot started and brought the books out, which were for electrical engineering, it turned out her daughter was studying the same subject and her other daughter was a librarian. How ironic.

It was a great shoot and so much fun. Trying to capture their personality can,  at time’s, be tricky, but so rewarding when we do.



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